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Enterprise Restart SuccessEnterprise RESTART is a program of Cambridge Academies – a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to serve at-risk youth and their families. Enterprise RESTART grew out of a renewed awareness in the community of the need to offer a way to ‘get back on track’ to those who have been ‘derailed by life.’ Having had success in developing and providing educational programs and having a very successful private practice in the area of success coaching, the Executive Director of Cambridge Academies, Dr. Geni Boyer saw the opportunity to adapt her training material for a new population, the homeless. She conducted two very successful pilot programs at the Modesto Gospel Mission in 2015 and out of those pilot programs, Enterprise RESTART and the vision for a local Transformation Center was born.

The Enterprise RESTART program comes from a focus on helping students get engaged in our free enterprise system – be gainfully employed or start their own businesses – and the RESTART element refers those who are currently experiencing homelessness or unemployment and want a new start. The strategy includes a screening interview process to determine the applicant’s commitment to a new future, weekly group classes which focus on learning new habits and skills, and support through a four-month period to incorporate these new behaviors and achievement mindset into a new lifestyle.

Currently, access to the classes is through community organizations which contract with Enterprise RESTART to provide a class for their constituents. Modesto Gospel Mission and the Center for Human Services have been our initial partners.

Our vision for this community is that all who eagerly desire to get a RESTART in their life would have access to a transformative class that gives them the opportunity to become self-sufficient and provide for themselves and their families in the way they desire.

We believe that Enterprise RESTART is part of the answer to the need so many in our community have to press the RESTART button in their lives. Together, we can provide hope and a future - changing the lives and legacies for the next generation.


The current staffing of Cambridge Academies includes the Executive Director and the Director of Development who are the current class facilitators plus a part-time support staff. Plans are in place to hire and train additional class facilitators due to the increased community demand for Enterprise RESTART classes. 

Geni Boyer

Executive Director

Dr. Geni Boyer, founder and Executive Director of Cambridge Academies and developer of the Enterprise RESTART program, has her Ph.D. in Change Process & specialty in Neuro-Linguistic Programming as well as decades of experience in providing educational training programs for disadvantaged populations. Dr. Boyer is a successful business coach and consultant who has developed and implemented state-wide educational and community engagement programs. She has provided coaching to Fortune 500 business executives and desires her expertise to be beneficial to those who currently have few options to join functional society.

Lynette Stime

Development Director

Lynette Stime came on board with Cambridge Academies after serving as the director of Bethany Christian Services for 34 years. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 30 years and having expertise in cognitive behavioral strategies, she sees this training program as a unique blend of clinical, practical, and neuro-linguistic training that will be a boon to those who desire to change their negative and unproductive patterns of behavior. The Cambridge Academies Board and staff are committed to providing this program and are eager to be a part of the solutions needed for our wonderful, yet struggling community.