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What is Enterprise RESTART?

Enterprise RESTART is a mindset transformation course aimed at helping those who have been homeless or unemployed to change their thinking and habits and secure financial independence. RESTART is a program of Cambridge Academies, a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to serve at-risk populations and their families.

What does the course include?

This course is a six-month, eight hours a week interactive course. The entrance requirement includes a screening interview and assessment which starts the transformation process. The students learn what has prevented their success and teaches new principles of achievement and the importance of a healthy mindset.

Why are you providing this course?

We are providing this course because we believe that all people are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect. We are motivated to attend to ‘root causes’ and not just band-aid real problems. We are motivated to serve those who have been ‘derailed by life’ and who have lost their way – people we see all around us who need a RESTART of their lives. Our desire is for them to understand their intrinsic value and to help them be transformed by the ‘renewing of their minds’ and to learn new behaviors and skills which will enable them to live an independent and successful life for themselves – and for their children.

 Are there age requirements?

RESTART is open for all age groups and our students have been between eighteen and sixty-two. 

Who is involved with Enterprise RESTART?

The executive director is Dr. Geni Boyer who has had remarkable success in business and success coaching. Dr. Boyer provides the class content and facilitates the classes and provides supervision to our growing list of facilitators. Lynette Stime is serving as a facilitator as well as developing the resources necessary to provide the program. We are overseen by a local board of directors. We count many community leaders as informal advisors and we are grateful to those who are willing to join our mission in any way they can; requesting a class for your clientele, giving financially, hiring a graduate, donating gently used professional clothing, to name a few.

How much does the class cost?

The cost of providing this class per student is currently $1466. (Each class varies between 15-20 students.) This covers more than two hundred hours of class time per student. 

The students have no resources so the cost of providing the course is covered by a combination of fees the organization serving the students pays and by donations from foundations. Other donations are needed to offset the expense of providing this invaluable course. To get an estimate for providing a course at your non-profit, please e-mail Dr. Geni Boyer at

How are you funded?

Organizations who have students complete the course provide some funding. Foundations are providing generous grant funding. And with more resources, we will be able to provide this course to those who are unaffiliated with any organization. We are starting a referral list now and we will need donors to pay their tuition. To donate, click here.

Where are you located?

We provide our course in the setting that requests services. We have an administrative office at 1301 K Street, Suite C, in Modesto. See our contact info below. 

What are your success rates?

We are thrilled to report an over eighty percent success rate with our first class. We are seeing similar results with subsequent graduates. We determine success as securing the next step toward financial independence such as enrolling in an educational program which will result in employment, securing an internship with an employer or actually securing a job. To ensure financial stability, we believe each graduate will benefit from having an assigned mentor to provide support for this new venture.


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