Enterprise RESTART Program

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Area 1: Take Responsibility - Take responsibility for your past, your choices, and your future.
  • Station 1: Understand your strengths, your emotions & your habits.
    Enterprise has helped me find out my strengths and weaknesses and has helped me to realize that I have to have laser focus on my future to get what I want.
  • Station 2: Take responsibility for your choices & for your future.
    I didn’t know that I could control and change my emotions and choices in life. I am learning how to talk to people and how to think for myself.
  • Station 3: Control your emotions and replace unproductive self-talk.
    I don’t have the anger and bitterness I once had. I feel good about myself. I’m being shown and taught ways to make me not only successful but have joy and peace as well.
Area 2: Envision - Change your mindset.
  • Station 4: Envision a new future and new results.
    The Enterprise class has shown me that I can have a good future and that I will succeed in life and work because of how my mind and thinking is transforming. I have taken responsibility for my life and my future. It is up to me to make success happen in my life.
  • Station 5: Develop SMART goals and plans.
    Transformation has to do with a clear vision for your future, seeking wisdom before you react, being in control of your thoughts and emotions, good planning and taking responsibility for your actions.
Area 3: Habits and Thinking - Learn new skills and tools.
  • Station 6: Develop and apply new work and thinking habits.
    The greatest thing I have learned is the fact that I alone have the power to change my future. I have learned how to change my reactions into responses so I keep control of myself and how I act and communicate. I discovered my drives, behaviors, motivators and passions. This helps me stay focused on my goals and motivated to be the best I can be.
  • Station 7: Learn to think and work like an entrepreneur.
    I’ve gained practical knowledge of standard communication and how to present myself in a professional manner.
Area 4: Take Action - Take daily action and never give up.
  • Station 8: Take daily action and never give up.
    This class is very empowering and motivating. Most importantly, I am actively taking the necessary steps to reach my goals. I have learned that if I change my way of thinking I can change the outcome of my actions because my thoughts dictate my daily actions.