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RESTART...Starts! - July 29, 2016


Enterprise RESTART is in full swing serving the homeless and unemployed who desire a RESTART of their lives. A program of an existing non-profit (Cambridge Academies,) the Enterprise RESTART course is having phenomenal results in serving those who have been ‘derailed’ by life.  We are joining those who serve this population already (The Modesto Gospel Mission; the Center for Human Services) with a six-month transformation course that gets at root causes. Our students are saying ‘we should have learned this in high school’ – and they’re right!

Check out our new video here to see real people who have gone from the streets to a productive life. This is what it is all about. Helping real people make real change, permanent change, in their lives – for themselves and for their children.

  • Are YOU concerned about the growing homeless problem and not sure what to do?
  • Are YOU frustrated by the growing number of families who need a ‘hand up’ to keep their family together?
  • Are YOU wanting to ‘do something’ but not sure what to do or where to begin?

JOIN US!!  Together, we can help those who are ready to change their circumstances and enjoy a brighter future for themselves – and their children.

Dr. Geni Boyer

Lynette Stime